Repair or Replace Your Broken Garage Door Should You Repair or Replace Your Broken Garage Door

Should You Repair or Replace Your Broken Garage Door

Garage Doors are an integral part of any good and secure home. They make life simpler and more convenient, but if the same garage door becomes damaged, it could pose a serious risk to everyone. It, therefore, needs to be addressed immediately. 

Garage doors depreciate over time, and damages to a broken garage door are usually caused due to one or more of its parts becoming unfunctional. A broken garage door or one needing repair could be due to broken springs, old worn-out hinges, a break in the cables that support the garage door, or the openers falling to pieces.

To help you tackle the question of “Should you repair or replace your broken garage door”, we have compiled this blog. Let’s first understand why damaged garage doors can be risky.

Why Damaged Garage Doors Can Be Risky

A broken garage door should be immediately repaired or replaced as a damaged garage door can pose serious risks to the users and cause severe accidents. 

  • Intruders Having Access 

A broken garage door may not be able to shut correctly or entirely. In such an event, an intruder with nefarious intentions can easily find their way into your house and pose a significant threat to all.

  • Threat to Your Vehicle

When a garage door is broken or damaged due to a cable issue, there is a risk that the door can close without warning. This can threaten your vehicle as the broken garage door can slam into your car while you could be in the middle of parking it or taking it out of the garage. You might also spend double the amount of money to repair your garage door and your car.

  • Risk of Injuries

A garage door with broken springs can close again with a lot of force and without notice. If the door closes too forcefully, it could result in broken bones and other bodily harm, sometimes even death. It is always best to call a professional as soon as you see any discrepancies in the functioning of your garage door. 

Your Broken Garage Door - Repair or Replace?

Broken Garage Door

Home investments can be tricky, and most people opt for a timely repair service rather than an entire replacement. However, the decision of whether to repair or replace your garage door can depend on a variety of factors. 

  • Is Your Garage Door Operational? 

The foremost question you must ask yourself is whether your garage door is operational. Has it stopped working altogether, or is it working in some ways? Has it been giving you trouble for a while, or have you only noticed it behaving strangely in the last couple of days? 

If your garage door has been acting up for a long time and you find it increasingly unpredictable, that calls for a replacement. If your garage door has been working fine and you have only been facing problems for a few days, a repair should do the trick and fix your broken garage door. 

  • Is Your Garage Door Worn & Torn?

Your garage door is a hefty investment that complements the rest of your property and enhances the exterior of your house. When wear and tear become apparent, it can diminish the entire appeal of the home. 

Wear and tear become quite visible when the door starts to show rust, in the case of a metal door, or when the door begins to crack and peel paint, in the case of a wooden door. This could be an indication that you should consider a replacement. You can opt for a repair if the rust or peeling paint is contained in a particular area. If the rust is spreading or the peeling paint is showing up on more than one wooden panel, then you should go for a replacement. 

  • Is Your Garage Door Damaged?

Damages to a garage door denote an incident that might have caused the door to become non-functional, such as severe weather conditions or a vehicle crashing into the door. 

Crucial damage to your garage door can make it unsafe and dangerous. In such an event, it's always better to compare costs and see whether a repair will cost you more or whether a replacement is a more sensible choice. 

Door Doctor - Always There, Whether you Need a Replacement or Repair

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