Residential Garage Door Problems Five Common Residential Garage Door Problems and How to Fix Them

Five Common Residential Garage Door Problems and How to Fix Them

A garage door’s function is pretty simple. It goes up. It comes down. That's it. until one day, that stops. One day, you press the garage door button, which doesn't open. And then you press it again, and it still refuses to open. 

Pretty frustrating, right? 

Here’s the good news. Instead of rushing to fork over the cash to pay someone else to fix your garage door right away, with some simple troubleshooting, you’ll find there are easy fixes for most issues! 

These are the five most common residential garage door problems. Not only are they easy to identify, you can even fix them yourself! 

Problem No. 1: Your Garage Door Keypad Doesn't Work

Not every garage door has a keypad, but if your door has one, it can become faulty over time. This is one of the most common problems residential garage door owners face. 

If your keypad is not working, it could mean a couple of things.

  • The batteries are dead - Replace the batteries in your keypad and see if it works. 
  • The antenna is malfunctioning - The antenna that receives the keypad signal might be malfunctioning. Confirm that the antenna is pointing downward toward the keypad to ensure that it is receiving a proper signal. 
  • Your keypad needs programming - Usually, it's just a matter of updating and reprogramming your garage door keypad. You can find the instructions in your garage door manual or online. 

Problem No. 2: Your Garage Door Has Become Excessively Noisy

Let's be honest. Who has not experienced this problem when it comes to garage doors? A squeaky or grunting garage door can be extremely unpleasant and might even wake your next-door neighbors if it’s bad enough. 

Lucky for you, this residential garage door problem can be an easy fix with routine maintenance. 

  • Use a simple combination of garage door lube and lithium-based grease on the moving parts of your garage door to eliminate inopportune screeching. 
  • Schedule a comprehensive lubrication session for your garage door at least once a year to prevent this problem. 
  • Look into replacing the hinges if lubrication does not do the trick. 

Problem No. 3: Your Garage Door Freezes

Extreme moisture and cold can lead to this residential garage door problem. It is commonly on the coldest day of the year, just when you’re appreciating the coziness of your garage that your garage door simply freezes mid-closing or mid-opening. 

Try to use regular de-icing products to unfreeze the door. People have even used a hair dryer to melt the frozen moisture from their garage door hinges! Ensure that your garage door's bending areas remain dry, as this can help prevent future problems. 

Problem No. 4: Your Garage Door Seems Uneven

One day, you're driving out of your garage and notice that the door is moving strangely or looks uneven. Who needs this kind of headache? 

A garage door can become uneven for several reasons.

  • Rust on one side of the door can cause that side to move slower. Give the hinge area a good wipe-down to fix the issue. 
  • An obstacle between the garage door and the outside could be causing the misalignment. Make sure all objects are removed from the front and back of the door before opening. 
  • Your door manual is your best friend. Check to see if you are missing anything and try all the troubleshooting suggestions before contacting a professional. 

Problem No. 5: Your Garage Door Has Worn-Out Springs

A standard garage door issue is. Extension or torsion springs connected to cables and pulleys are responsible for counterbalancing your garage door. Because these springs face constant wear and tear, along with a massive amount of pressure, over time it becomes a struggle for your garage door to open. 

Most people prefer to contact a professional to replace garage door springs. But if you are skilled at manual labor and know how to fix this residential garage door problem, there is no reason not to undertake it yourself. 

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