Rolling Steel Door Does Your Building Need a Rolling Steel Door?

Does Your Building Need a Rolling Steel Door?

Managing and maintaining a building presents a host of challenges. Odd jobs must be performed daily to keep the facility in shape. Proper building maintenance helps extend its life and retain its value.

Security is key to maintaining a building. Ensuring the safety of a building is essential to protect its assets, occupants, and the building itself. One of the best ways to keep your building secure is to install a rolling steel door.

If you are wondering if your building needs a rolling steel door, Door Doctor is here to give you the answers. Let’s start with the basics, shall we?

What is a Rolling Steel Door?

A rolling steel door is made up of galvanized steel slats that interlock to form one long, solid curtain of steel. The steel slats enhance the durability and strength of the door and provide maximum protection to the building, its contents, and its occupants.

These doors are used in commercial and industrial buildings. Door Doctor provides its customers with a wide range of colours, models, and sizes. Choose the one that best suits your needs.

Types of Rolling Steel Doors

These doors are quite popular for all types of business and are offered in various designs.

Rolling Shutters

Rolling shutters are a good option for businesses in busy areas with a lot of walking traffic. These steel doors offer the required security and are aesthetically pleasing to customers.

Rolling Service Doors

Door Doctor offers rolling service doors in different colours, models, and designs to be pleasing to the eye. We provide high wind load options, wind protection, and insulated slats for our rolling service doors.

Fire-Rated Doors

Fire-rated doors are used in buildings to divide an area into smaller spaces. These doors stop the spread of fire and prevent radiant and conductive heat from transferring.

These doors are available in fiberglass, wood, steel, and fire-rated glass. Highly beneficial in the event of a fire, these doors can be installed in retail, commercial, and industrial buildings and warehouses.

Counter Doors

Counter doors are perfect for smaller areas such as cafeterias and countertops. Door Doctor provides customized options based on size and design. Counter doors can be installed in all types of professional environments.

Wind Load Doors

Wind load doors are beneficial for buildings in extremely windy areas or places that experience severe weather. These doors are structurally designed to endure high-speed winds and withstand extreme pressure by resisting misalignment and bowing.

Benefits of Rolling Steel Doors

To accurately assess if your building needs a rolling steel door, it is important to analyze their benefits.

  • Little to no maintenance.
  • In case of damage, affected slats are easily replaced for a door that is as good as new.
  • Cost-efficient due to minimal maintenance. Easy and inexpensive to install compared to other industrial doors.
  • Strong and sustainable. Provide maximum security.
  • Free up ceiling space to provide additional space in a room.
  • Many customization options available.

Does Your Building Need a Rolling Steel Door? Find The Perfect One at Door Doctor

If you decide that your building does need a rolling steel door, then Door Doctor has you covered. Door Doctor has built a reputation for excellence in door installation and has become synonymous with high-quality, professional service. Our team has developed superior skills to cater to all your needs, both design and installation related. Read our customer reviews and see for yourself!

Contact us by calling the office in your region or 1-800-663-3130. You can also book an appointment online. For a secure building, call Door Doctor!

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